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Pestilence is a Draconequus of Disease. 

Kind Draconequus
Sex Male
Occupation Bringer of Disease
Eyes Green
Mane Purple
Coat Grey and Black
Owner Aniju Aura


Pestilence has a Plague Doctor mask for a head and wears a very tall slightly bend top hat. He has large black wings and dark grey and blue fur. He has a rat tail, long arms and pointed feet. His eyes glow green. He also has a stripes purple and white tongue. 

Pestilence is usually quiet and silence stalks the shadows, plaguing ponies and other creatues with disease. Pestilence favors causing chaos with disease, however there is no malice in his work. He himself is not evil and he see plaguing ponies more as the task given to him. Cleanse the world and keep it pure through disease is his purpose. Because he is not evil, he will take mercy on others and sometimes, but very rarely, will help others, in his own way.  

Like other Draconequuses, Pestilence has a wide range of powers and abilities, some unique to himself. He can change his side and distord reality, to a degree, as well as cause sicknesses, both mental and physcial. He favores causing physcial ailments. Sometimes for his own amusement he will create a new sill disease, like the Cutie Pox. He'll sometimes transform himself into a pony or another creature. 


When Pestilence was young, he caused a plague of the Cutie Pox in a pony comunity in the Paleopony are. Pestilence spends his days wandering the lands and once visted the land of the Breezies. He has been plaguing Tirek with weakness and fatigue but he grew bored with it. 


Pictures of Pestilence. 


  • Outside of anything MLP, Pestilence is a God of Disease on Dante's home planet Earph. He is not only for MLP use. 
  • Sometimes a little black figure with red eyes can be seen in the opening in his hat.