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Phor takes the form of a purple and maroon Pegasus. 

Phor Pony


Phor is a purple pegasus with maroon feathers at the tip of his wings. His mane is maroon as well. His eyes are blue eyes. Phor has a long tail with a tuff of fluff at the end. 

Phor is a happy-go-luck fuzz ball who likes flowers and likes to gift pretty flowers to his friends. He is generally very happy and hyper; he'll dance in place when he is super happy. Phor has to be friends with everyone he meets and seems to not understand anything else. 

Phor's Cutie Mark is a Flower. 


Phor spends most of his time with his friends Moray and Hush Mouth. The three have made it their mission to spread love and happiness to all the "Grumpy Lumps." He is looked after by Collin and Ludvig. 


Pictures of Phor. 


  • Phor is a orekroark and he is looked after by Rajah. 
  • Phor's name is meant to sound like four, because the number four sounds like the word dead in Chinese.