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Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Student
Eyes Vivid arctic blue
Mane Deep Brown
Light arctic blue (Dyed)
Coat Light magenta
Nicknames Pix,


Relatives Absol (Older sister)
Cutie mark
No cutie mark
Voice User:Pixdeen
Owner User:Absolzoey and User:Pixdeen

Pixdeen is a female pegasus from the Uneighted Kingdom (alternate world to Equestria) and she is Pixdeen's ponysona. She is the younger sister of Absol.



Pixdeen has a strict treat me how you want to be treated policy. She tries to never judge a pony by their cover. Pixdeen has a great sense of humour. She enjoys reading diary books, or even trying to create her own books. Pixdeen wants to be a voice actress when she grows up.


Pixdeen doesn't really wear anything apart from her glasses when she needs them. Her blue glasses are her favourite so she wears them the most. Her purple ones are her spares so she wears her purple glasses least because she only wears them when she can't find her blue glasses.



Pixdeen was always told what was right and what was wrong. So she is a nice kind gentle mare unlike some of her friends. She was always taught not to judge a book by it's cover or not to judge a pony by how they look or anything.

Her hidden flaws[]

Pixdeen's flaws are very well hidden. Now that she is older she has been able to ignore what other mean ponies say. Even though it still hurts her feelings. She gets very nervous around ponies that she used to have a crush on. Her current crush is Zack Lightning and she thinks that Zack Lightning is the one she will marry when old enough to. She gets very annoyed very quickly especially when her friend Sky Blazer gets in a row with her over nothing.


  • Sky Blazer


  • Zak Lightning