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Platinum Pencil is a unicorn mare. Her special talent is drawing and her parents are Positive Problem and Busy Hooves. Her brothers are Smart Game and Lecture Mouth.


Platinum is a hyper active mare but sometimes can be lazy. When she is bored she likes to draw ponies that don't exist. She is very competitive to boys yet is a tomcolt. Platinum also dislikes girls that are super girly and mean so she stays away from them most of the time. Platinum Pencil hates her brothers.


Platinum always wanted to be an artist, it all started on a normal day, Platinum was drawing a picture of her fantasy pony named Crystal Wand. She drew it in private because she thought if her family saw it they would laugh at her. When it was dinner time Lecture Mouth was talking about how Platinum didn't have a special talent or a cutie mark so he teased her but she had enough and went to get the picture she had drawn. As she picked up the paper she asked herself of she really is going to show it but she knew she had to so she walked back to her family and shoved the picture into Lecture's face that turned shocked after she showed it to him. Platinum was expecting to here laughs but instead she heard compliments of how good the drawing is and that's when she earned her cutie mark.


Platinum has a cyan coat and long messy hair, sometimes her hair is tied up but mostly down. She wears her glasses mostly.