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Poise and Grace

Poise and Grace
Poise (the pink pony) Grace (the blue pony)

Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Model ponies for Pony Perfect magazine
Eyes Purple-pink (Poise)
Indigo (Grace)
Mane Dark Pink with Moderate dark pink streaks/stripes (Poise)
Dark blue with Arctic Blue streaks/stripes (Grace)
Coat Light pink (Poise)
Light blue (Grace)
Nicknames Poise, Grace, The two Stylish Models
Cutie mark
3 pink hearts (Poise)
Blue star and yellow star (Grace)
 Poise and Grace are the twins or the stylish twins and models for Pony Perfect. They were discovered in a restaurant when they were showing who they are.



Poise is cute and sometimes funny. But if its something serious, Poise quickly begins to have "poise" and always attentive. Sometimes, Poise gets what she wants and that's why she is sometimes stubborn.

Poise is also shy, and has the love of animals, even though if they are dangerous, gross, or beautiful. Poise is always graceful too.


Grace is serious and pretty. She is always poise and always points out flaws of everypony. She is also thrifty or frugal, meaning that she keeps bits in her piggy bank, that is why many ponies want to steal Grace's piggy bank because of its much money.

If Poise has the love of animals, Grace sees beauty in things, even though they are also gross, dangerous etc. Grace always take care of them.



Since their birth, they are really separate from each other. Grace is 3 minutes older than Poise, because Grace is the first to come out of their mother's tummy, then Poise is the last.

They are named Poise and Grace because their mother is poise and grace. But instead of their mother to name them, their grandmother named them, because she said that they remind her of their mother, always grace and poise.


They were discovered in the restaurant where they and their rivals, fighting towards each other. Their rivals, Pretty and Beauty, challenge them to model, in the stage of the restaurant. Somepony who works for Pony Perfect magazine saw the scene. Then that pony let them join the Pony Perfect. And that is why they became famous.


  • As said in the Birth section, they were named Poise and Grace because their mother is always grace and poise.
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