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PomPom Smiles is a female pegasus and is one of the former residents of the Kandisweet Kingdom.





PomPom Smiles used to live in Ponyville as a cheerleader, but then the evil Sparkle Vibes, princess of the Kandisweet Kingdom, saw how happy she was making other ponies. Sparkle Vibes was filled with anger and jealousy, because she believed that ponies shouldn't be able to be happy outside the Kandisweeet Kingdom, otherwise they would never be in her power. So Sparkle Vibes captured PomPom Smiles and brainwashed her. For a long time after that, PomPom did all her cheerleading in the Kandisweet Kingdom, until Twilight Sparkle released her using a Reverse spell, along with the rest of the Kandisweet Kingdom.