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A Pony Perfect Magazine

One of Pony Perfect's magazine issues

Pony Perfect is a magazine that both Diamond Ring and Primson Gown model for.


Pony World

Pony Perfect had made its debute when Primson started modeling for them. But since they needed more fashion models, Photo Finish decided to ask Diamond Ring to also be their model for them. And thus, Primson and Diamond Ring became rivals in the world of fashion. Pony Perfect was mentioned by Primson when she first met Rarity in season 1, episode 1 "Ponyville Here I Come pt 1".

Equestria Girls/Rainbow Rocks

In Equestria Girls and Rainbow Rocks, Pony Perfect is known as "Fashionably Perfect". Most of the fashionistas in Canterlot High are often seen with daily magazines and wearing featured clothing or accessories from various fashion designers. It's editors are mysteriously unknown but rumors say that the editors are very famous fashion designers who choose the best of the best to be featured in this magazine.

Notable characters

Known fashion models for Pony Perfect:

  1. Primson Gown
  2. Diamond Ring
  3. Beacon (under the name "Bea")
  4. Poise and Grace
  5. Fluttershy (part-time)

Featured Fashion Designers

  1. Rarity
  2. Suri Polomare (former)
  3. Coco Pommel
  4. Photo Finish
  5. Prim Hemline
  6. Hoity Toity
  7. Charity Sweetmint
  8. Royal Pin
  • Note: Anyone can make an oc who works for Pony Perfect! :D (You just have to ask me for permission)
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