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Ponynesia is a nation in the WIP RPG Fall of equestria                                          

Ponynesia Ponynesian: Potaka,officially the Kingdom of Ponyneisa (Ponynesian: Wottak of ish Potaka), formerly known as South Equine Islands, is a country encompassing the south Equine seas The main islands of Ponynesia are Qaun,Potta,Zebin and Auck .The capital city,Rosha, is among the biggest citiees in the south sea


Ponynesia is located in the eastern section of the South sea

one of the larger islands,Zebin borders A Equestrian island


The Ponynesian islands were founded with Equestrians so the culture is fairly similar


The official language of the Ponynesian islands is Ponyesian,however Auckish(A dialext of Equine basic) is spoken and Auck and Woolif(A Zebrish/Ponynesian Creole) Is spoken on south Zebin


Like most Island nations,The economy of Ponynesia is based off Fishing,however mining has become more popular in recent years

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