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Potion Nova's Human Form

Potion Nova's human form

Karen Michelle Elizabeth Capaldi, known professionally as Potion Nova, Miss Nova by Sofia and Amber or commonly known by her surname Nova, is the potion maker of the potions in Sugarcube Corner. She is given the name Trank Nova by the people in Germany.

Depiction In Pony Life

Nova introduces herself to the Mane 6 in Meet Potion Nova and reveals that she is the pony who restocks Pinkie's fridge with potions every night. However, her own potion supply has run dry, and she asks the Mane 6 to escort her safely to the Potion Ocean so she can replenish her supply.

I'm Potion Nova, the potionista behind all your silliest potions.

Twilight Sparkle, having been excited to meet Nova and become her apprentice, jumps at this opportunity to go on an adventure. All throughout the journey to the Potion Ocean, she expects to run into multiple magical obstacles, but the journey is mostly mundane, with Nova saying not all magic has to be flashy and exciting. When the group finally reaches the Potion Ocean, Twilight appreciates its beauty.

When asked why she needed the Mane 6's help for such a harmless adventure, Nova admits that she simply needed help carrying her new supply of potions and that she enjoyed the ponies' company. She also decides to take Twilight on as her apprentice, and Twilight is overjoyed.

Nova returns in Pony Surfin' Safari as she and the Mane 6 are on vacation at the Potion Ocean and Nova warns them to stay away from a magical part of the ocean called the Cute Triangle as it may result in being lost forever. Wanting herself and her friends to do an activity as a group, Applejack tries desperately to get everyone to roast marshmallows together, even pulling them away from activities they would prefer doing instead. Nova tells Applejack not to worry about it.

The next morning, Applejack wakes her friends up early to go on a surfing safari together, but the others set off on their own as soon as they get on the water. Due to being fed up, Applejack angrily tells her friends to stay together inside a formation of three rocks. This rock formation turns out to be the Cute Triangle, and its magic drags the Mane 6 below the water.

With the ponies unable to escape, Applejack apologizes to her for forcing group activities upon them. Using some of the objects around them and "some good old-fashioned friendship magic", the Mane 6 escape the Cute Triangle and return to the surface. A short while later, the Mane 6 and Nova roast marshmallows together and Applejack tells Nova that she was right all along.

Depiction In Equestria Girls

Crystal Prep High Rocks

Potion Nova's old house.

Nova returns in her human form in the film My Little Pony: Equestria Girls and Sofia The First – Crystal Prep High Rocks! as she and Moondancer sit in the rear seats of Princess Amber's black 2014 Mercedes-Benz S550 (W222) down the highway with Zooey next to Amber. When Nova asks Zooey who Sofia is, Zooey said that Sofia is her old pal and she has moved to Staten Island, New York. When Nova decided to plan a sleepover at her house in Kansas City, Kansas, Amber, Moondancer and Zooey agreed.

Later that night, at 1:00 AM, when Nova heard Amber going to the kitchen alone, Amber realized that Nova was a ghost, but there are no ghosts in Nova's house. When Amber attempted to make a video chat with Sofia, she explains to Nova that her cousin Strawberry Shortcake is crowned as the new ruler of Enchancia after Sofia left. Apart from that, Amber mentioned that Jennifer Emelina Michelle Shortcake is Strawberry's real name but Strawberry is her current name. After the talk, they decided to do a video chat with Sofia all night. As a result, the duo are sleepy the next morning.

Once Nova, Amber, Zooey and Moondancer landed in Vienna, Austria, they found Coco Pommel sitting at the airport, so the 5 of them went together in a 2003 Nissan Micra 4-Door (K12) from Vienna to Prague, the Czech Republic. Later that evening, after they got to Prague, Nova meets Sofia, the Mane 10, Marek, Anna, the Cutie Mark Crusaders and the Shadowbolts for the very first time. Moondancer, Nova, Sofia and Zooey plays tennis in France, beach tennis in Portimão, Portugal, horseback riding in Cegléd, Hungary and cruising on the rivers of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The Journey Continues

Nova appears in its sequel as she and Photo Finish are driving in her Lincoln LS V6. As she spotted Jade and Ruby Hanshaw stranded by the side of the road, she decided to pull over, but she unintentionally missed them, so she reverses her car and stops right at them. As Nova offered them a lift, the villagers appreciates her offer by thanking them, sitting into the rear seats and fasten their seatbelts.

Back inside the Lincoln LS, Nova introduces herself to Jade and Ruby, including the villagers and they are off to find Sofia, much to Photo Finish's confusion and Nova's surprise. She and Photo Finish explains to the duo about the Shadowbolts, just in case they never heard of it. They also mentioned that Sofia and Zooey wore Crystal Prep outfits as well, much to the villager youth's surprise.


Potion Nova's Houses

Potion Nova's old house in Kansas City, Kansas

Potion Nova's new house in Cleveland, Ohio.