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Predator Gamehead


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Predator Gamehead, or Pred for short is the Ponysona of User:Pred_10 the character originated as an Earth pony but was later retconned into a pegasus pony, by the phrase that some one never noticed the wings before. In essence there are two diffrent versions of the Pred character, one who is half fangire, based on the character Kamen Rider Kiva, which he essentially just adapted for the ponyverse, and the other is an ordinary Pegasus Pony who doesn't remember alot of things. He was created for Ponychan RP


Pred has black fur and a short blue mane and tail, he has a small green streak in his hair, he has wings xD and the Fangire version has a small fang tooth,

Kiva Description

As Kiva, Pred's helmet has compund eyes and and his wings are morphed into bat like versions of themselves as he is in chain themed armor.


At first Pred didn't remember much at all about his foalhood, infact most of the memories he had were actually false, so he wandered throughout the woods and one day met a group of ponies and offered them mountain dew, they were in the middle of an emergency however, around a day later he found himself withing another pony's mind he was able to get out but it proved difficult finding that Back door. During the crisis of the Dark Hal events Pred remembered some of his foalhood. And eventually one day Kivat came up to him and told him of his origins and they became Kamen Rider Kiva, further making Pred wonder about his memories, namely who his parents were. He gained many friends quickly. As the King of the Fangires he's convinced most of them to feed of non intelligent life forms.

Other Info

Pred is a 16 year old pony yet knows college level texts and was actually kicked out of Ponyville high when his Fangs came in.


Kiva Form Pred

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