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Prince Aristocrat

Prince Aristocrat

Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Occupation Prince
Eyes Purple
Mane Gold and Light Blue
Coat Grayish Blue
Nicknames Prince Aristo-Brat (By Havoc and Apple Bud)
Relatives Trixie (Biological Mother)
Prince Blueblood (Father)

Prince Aristocrat is the son of Trixie and Prince Blueblood. He doesn't know his biological mother due to his parents being drunk when he was conceived, and Blueblood suing for custody calling Trixie "disgusting piece of garbage who isn't worthy of raising his son".

Trixie wanted to keep him badly but Blueblood won due to being royalty. He told everyone Aristocrat's mother was some famous delegate. 

Prince Aristocrat is a spoiled brat who loves to put ponies down. He is the rival of Hullabaloo, constantly trying to marry his sister, Havoc, so he can be of higher rank. He even tried to hypnotize Apple Bud into falling in love with him to crush Hullabaloo.
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