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Prince Rock Heart
Prince Rock Heart



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Prince Rock Heart is a Unicorn who left his home called The Castle Of Stromberg. Why other ponies call him Rock Heart is because he loves Rock type music and remixes.


Prince Rock Heart came not from Equestria but from the The Castle Of Stromberg. He loved making up songs even making remixes. Hes parents wanted him to rule the kingdom. But he was in love with making remixes and songs that he didn't want to rule the kingdom. So he left and started travailing the world. And since he loved making songs and remixes he also shared them to all the ponies he had met.


Prince Rock Hearts personality is some quit different then most ponies. He doesn't really care for anyone but himself. He loves to sleep a lot. But he can be very friendly. He loves sparkly things and has an enormous collection of rare gems.


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Prince Rock Heart and Fancypants meeting each other.