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Prince Solaris is a first male alicorn and the supporting character on My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. He was once one of Star Swirl's seven Unicorns and an old friend of Princess Celestia.

He is the prince, who lived with his brother, Artemis, in the Golden Eclipse Castle and he is the keeper of the two mystery element to the Element of Harmony.


Prince Solaris is patient, kind, and a bit overprotective of cleaning up. He is often takes overcautious and know his role as a knight and only to do it with honor.


Princess Celestia (friend/ally) Twilight Sparkles (ally) Mane 6 (ally) Storm King (opponents/enemy)

Princess Cadence (niece-in-law) Princess Luna (friend)

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Artemis (brother) Captain Celaeno (supporting ally) Commander Stratus Skyranger(ally)


He is the prince who didn't appreciate any risks and/or violences and any evil intentions that the nightmare forces have already bestowed upon his brother just like celestia's sister, but he is mostly efficient alicorn.

  • Alicorn Physiology
  • Undying Loyalty
  • Magical Strong Aura
  • Alicorn Wings
  • Teleportation
  • Solar Healing Kiss - This kiss can sooth not only wounded ponies when in battle, but also often rejuvenate and/or revives even the eldest Alicorns(only by confessions)
  • Magic Bubble Encapsulation - He can project a very very large magical bubble around himself and anypony on larger area.