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My to be a princess and be Celestia's new student!

–Princess, telling her dream to ponies

Princess Monarchy
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Unknown
Eyes Light brilliant magenta
Mane Luminous vivid gamboge
Coat Luminous vivid cerulean
Nicknames Princy
Cutie mark
Princess cutie mark

A crown with 6 sparkles around it

Owner User:Clesta The Winged Wolf

Characteristics and Biography[]

Generic Info[]

Princess is a blue pegasus. She has a dream of being Celesta's personal student and being an alicorn. Princess also looks up to Twilight, asking her questions all the time to achieve her dream of becoming an alicorn.


Princess is usually upbeat and curious, but can be gullible at times. She usually hangs out with alicorns and has alot of interest in them.


Princess is a light blue pegasus pony with a messy orange mane, an orange fake crown, lighter blue hooves, purplish pink eyes, and her wings fade to white.