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Princess Lily

Princess Lily de la Ixhelca

Princess Lily as a filly

Lily de la Ixhelca - Human Form
Princess Lily's human form

Kind Ixhelcan Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Animal caretaker
Eyes Pale sea green
Mane Very pale arctic blue with very pale apple green streaks
Coat Goldish white
Nicknames Lilianne de la Ixhelca (full name)
Relatives Queen Harmonia (mother)
Magic aura Light arctic bluish gray
Cutie mark
Pink lotus blossom
Owner Usernamebanner

Princess Lily is a female Ixhelcan Pony and one of the Ixhelcan Mane Six. She is the princess of the Ixhelca Empire and daughter of Queen Harmonia. She has a female dragon assistant named Milly.


Lily is a shy mare who is the princess of Ixhelca. Her mother worries about her a lot due to the fact that Lily has been a somewhat sickly pony ever since she was a filly and takes her duties very seriously. At times, her mother would allow her to hang out with her friends.

Physical appearance

Princess Lily has a very pale arctic blue mane with very pale apple green streaks tied in simple braids. Her coat is colored very pale gold and her eyes are pale sea green.

In Equestria Girls form, Lily wears the IPA official uniform, with her bow, skirt and part of her shoes colored yellow. The other part of her shoes are colored exactly like her eyes.


Princess Lily is shown to be shy, timid, and usually only opens up to her friends. She also adores animals, usually those she have befriended in her garden. She gets along well with Fluttershy and on occasion, Lily will stay in Fluttershy's home when visiting Ponyville.



  • Her mane and tail are based off of Katara's hairstyle from 'Avatar'.