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Night Terror is the princess of mistakes and rules the Lost Forest, a dark pine forest with lost ponies, ghosts, and timber wolves.  She was formerly Princess Strawberry Bubble, the princess of gratitude.

Lost Strawberry Bubble (Night Terror)


Night Terror was born a filly named Strawberry Bubble.  She was a purple pegasus with freckles on her cheeks and a magenta mane, which she was named after.  Her muzzle was a gradient halloween purple, and her eyes were magenta, similar to her mane.  She wore a white headband and a pink bow throughout her filly years.  When she got to be an older filly, she was given a pair of purple glasses after taking an eye exam. She was always very cheerful and smiled all the time. She was very timid though, which led to her leaving her classes at school to be taught at home by her mother, Flash Fizz, and her younger twin brothers, Cocoa Cookie and Sugar Cookie. Her father, Lucky Clover, thought that it would be best that she returned to her old school, but Flash Fizz declined, saying that Strawberry was better at home. Strawberry recieved her cutiemark not long afterward when she figured out that her talent was; spreading cheer through the form of bubbles and candies, which she often gifted to her friends, though Strawberry hadn't yet seen her truest trait, gratitude and thankfulness, until she was older.

When Srawberry Bubble was an older filly, on the edge of being a full-grown mare, she began showing her great gratitude toward everyone in Canterlot, which is what led to Princess Celestia seeing her talent, and teaching her more about how this trait would make her friendships stronger. Later on, Princess Celestia granted Strawberry Bubble an unicorn horn, and renamed her to Princess Strawberry Bubble, the princess of gratitude. Strawberry was excited, until she realised the responsibility with it, especially when she wanted her own kingdom. Princess Celestia forced her to understand what it meant to be a princess, which changed Princess Strawberry's personality completely, making her serious and easily aggrivated, and she began to lose the thankfulness that made her the princess of gratitude. The other princesses knew this, but tried to ignore the problem, hoping that she would come back to her senses. When Princess Strawberry was given her own kingdom, Trotson, in attempt to make her come back, she only acted like a tyrant, using her status to push her subjects around, and refused to train a sucessor to rule the kingdom. She led her subjects to take more land and expand Trotson from a town to a city. Princess Celestia tried to explain to her that it wasn't right to treat her kingdom like a toy, which made Princess Strawberry Bubble snap. She built up a huge army to send to Canterlot, and any other kingdom that 'challenged' her. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna decided that Princess Strawberry was no longer fit to lead, but she refused to back down, until the princesses destroyed Trotson. Princess Strawberry was exiled from all of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna's kingdoms, and send away.

Princess Strawberry regretted her descision, and was forced to live in the Lost Forest, and became the princess of mistakes. Princess Strawberry dicovered a necklace with a star-shaped charm on it, that was prophicised to have the power of the stars in it. She hoped to be able to use it to go back in time and fix what happened to Trotson, but the necklace's power only corrupted her, making her worse than she'd been before. She changed completely, becoming Princess Night Terror. She was bitter and wanted revenge on the other princesses, but all the time she spent in the lost forest drove her crazy.


Princess Night Terror[]

Princess Night Terror

Princess Night Terror is a tall, slim, halloween purple mare with black hair that has bright orange highlights. Her eyes are bright red and her mane and tail loon unkept and wild. Her iris is notably small as a result of her time in the Lost Forest, and she has dragon wings instead of pegasus wings. One of her ears is torn, and she has reptile eyes that are slanted upward slightly. Her teeth are sharp and yellow, and she has two red demon-like horns. Her hooves look similar to those of a Clydesdale horse. Her cutie mark is a jack-o-lantern.

Princess Strawberry Bubble (During Trotson Leadership)[]

Princess Strawberry Bubble was a pink-tinted purple mare with magenta eyes and mane. She had darker

Princess Strawberry Bubble

purple glasses with round frames, and her mane had white highlights, along with her tail. She had freckles only on her cheeks, and she was an alicorn. She was a lot more muscular than she had been before, and she looked more serious, and often wore expensive dresses and accessories. She wore a white tiara, and her muzzle was a gradient indigo. Her muzzle was more rectangular, and her wings looked more like an alicorn's wings. Her cutiemark was a strawberry in a bubblegum bubble.

Princess Strawberry Bubble (Original)[]

Princess Strawberry Bubble was a pink-tinted purple mare with magenta eyes and a magenta mane. She was a bit chubbier than an average alicorn, and a bit shorter. She

Princess Strawberry Bubble-0

had a white tiara and darker purple rectangle framed glassess. Her muzzle was indigo-tinted, and she had average pegasus wings. Her muzzle was the same as an average pony's, and she wore a white headband. Her mane and tail were cutely styled and she had freckles on her cheeks only. Her cutiemark was a strawberry in a bubblegum bubble.



Flash Fizz[]


Lucky Clover[]


Cocoa Cookie[]

Sugar Cookie[]


Peppermint Twist (Flash's sister)[]

Precursors and Sucessors[]

Princess of Gratitude[]


  • None


Princess of Mistakes[]


  • Princess Loss


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This is a list of ponies Night Terror has killed.

  • Dusty
  • Bone Marrow
  • Hare
  • Princess Loss
  • Multiple Canterlot solders
  • Trotson (partially)
  • Rabbit Runner
  • Hazelnut Crunch