Once, there was a Unicorn filly named Nightfrost. She was black with blue stripes all over her body. One day, an advertisement went out, saying they could use some volunteers to test their new Alicorn Potion. Nightfrost was overjoyed. She could now go out with no teasing because of her stripes! So Nightfrost went to the place where ponies could be turned into alicorns. She made many friends, and enjoyed staying there while the transformation was completing. The next day, one of her new friends, Cinnamon Apple then revealed that the advertisement was a trap, they would stay there forever and those there for one month were treated miserably. At this, Nightfrost made a plan to escape. And she did, but sadly, Cinnamon was caught and was forced to stay. She was despaired. After this, Nighfrost made a group, which would continue freeing ponies, and helping them. In fact, she became Princess Nightfrost, Leader of the Frost Freedom Association!


Nightfrost is compassionate and caring. She would do anything to help others, especially her friends

Powers and Abilities

Nightfrost is about as powerful as Starlight Glimmer. She specializes in using charms. Her favorite charm is the Wall Charm, which allows her to make an invisible wall between her and her opponent which prevents damage, but allows her to attack.


The Mane 6

The princesses


Cutie Marks give ponies a boost, but as Nightfrost got rid of the transformation medication, she will be never able to gain a cutie mark.

Has a soft heart, making it easy to distract her with insults



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