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Princess OceanMist

Princess SeaBreeze

Princess Seabreeze is ruler of the Pony Islands south of Equestria.


Seabreeze was living with her Parents King Mighty wave and Queen Ocean Mist when King seferis  attacked her kingdom. She was asleep in her chambers and a great force knocked her out of the castle and into the cart of a traveler. When the traveler arrived in ponyville Seabreeze fell out of the cart on the ground infront of Twilights Libary. Twilight knoticed the young filly and went to her. She knoticed that she was an Alicorn. Twilight asked the young filly questions including her orgin,where she lived and her name. Curious,Twilight took Seabreeze to Princess celestia to ask her  about the filly. Princess celestia explaned that Seabreeze was the princess of The Pony Islands. She then said that an evil king named Seferis had attacked the kingdom and that the royal family had perished except for Seabreeze. Twilight feeling terrible for Seabreeze asked Princess celestia if she could take care of her. Celestia willingly aggreed. In time,Seabreeze grew up into a beautiful mare.  When the time came,Celestia sent a letter to Twilight telling her that Seabreeze was ready to assume the throne of The Pony Islands. At first,Seabreeze was resistent to becoming Princess because she thought that she was a normal pony .Celestia explaned that she was but was also royality and that she should be proud of it. Upon arriveing at The Pony Islands,Celestia told the pony resoidents to gather at the castle for an announcement. She said "Fillys and gentlecolts i hearby present to you your long lost Princess Seabreeze."        The Ponys were shocked for they had thought that their royal family had perished years ago.The ponys cheered seeing their lost princess. at Seabreezes corination Celestia and Twilight watched proudly as the elder placed the crown of the islands on her head. Seabreeze thanked her friends for everything and she continues to lead her kingdom with a kind heart.


Seabreeze is a simple pony at heart and she had a very basic corination, She smiled proudly when the elder place the crown of the islands on her head.

Seabreeze corination

Princess SeaBreeze at her corination


Seabreeze has shown interest in sand shores a Colt who loves long walks on the beach. he is very shy and gets clumsy whenever seabreeze is around.

Cutie Mark[]

Seabreezes cutie mark is Ocean waves.

Filly Seabreeze

Seabreeze as a filly