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Princess Skyla

Skyla's Disguised Form

Skyla True Form
Skyla's True Form

Kind Alicorn (Disguised)
Demon (True Form)
Sex Female
Occupation Tyrant
Eyes Blue
Mane Purple and Gold
Coat Hot Pink
Skyla is the antagonist of the Flaireverse and the mortal enemy of Purple Heart.


Before Purple Heart was born, a mare named Skyla approached Crystal Glow. Without a second to spare, she trapped Crystal into The Crystal Heart, then cast a spell, erasing all memories Crystal Glow and replacing it was herself. Skyla was revealed to be a twisted pony who sought to gain control of the Empire. When Purple Heart was born, she became Skyla's rival. Purple Heart knew something was off about Skyla and how her parents saw nothing wrong with her. Meanwhile, Crystal Glow became a guide who appeared in Purple Heart's dream. On the day of their official princess coronations, Skyla trapped Purple Heart in the crystal heart to. Purple Heart then meets Crystal Glow, her true older sister. As they meet, they have their own version of this day aria to try to be Skyla to the crown. When they finally get out of the Heart, they run up to the throne room, but it is too late. Skyla's crown was just placed and she now has control of the empire. Not giving up hope, the two sisters used their pegasus magic and saved the empire from the hot pink alicorn and restored Crystal Glow's existence.
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