Bronies Wiki
Kind Pegasus pony
Sex Female
Occupation Princess and Wonderbolt
Eyes Purple
Mane Blue
Coat Purple
Nicknames Wild firefly.
Relatives Twilight sparkle(mother) Flash sentry(father)Sarah(half-sister) Sugar(half-sister) Kyle jr.(half-brother) Light(brother) Spike(uncle) Shining armor(uncle) Blazer(half-sister) Flare sparks(half-sister) Kyle(father,too?)
Voice Lori Alan
Owner User:Luuhzika22

Star is flash sentry and twilight sparkle's older daughter,but she thinks that's kyle is her real father why they have the same blood.

"Man,i'm not ur real daughter"

-Future star after discovered that's kyle is not her father

"More 5 minutes mom"

-Star waking up(XD)

"Somepony set us the bomb...wait what?

-Funny star

"Look at my lil' brother light,flash"

-Filly star(10 years old) with newborn light and flash sentry

"How many humans have here?"

-Star with her half sisters,half brother and her brother talking with andrea(a south park fankid) at south park elementary

"R u kiddin' me?"

-Surprised filly star

"Where's the tadaaaaaaa from all windows?"

-Star with a windows 8


Star and her half sisters sarah and flare sparks