Debater Pony

'Full Name:'

Ptolemis Brightspeaker

' Race:'




'Cutie Mark:'

Order, a pocket watch used for debating


Ptolemis is a male unicorn, born just outside the city of Canterlot. His cutie mark, not seen in the photo, is of the pocket watch that he named "Order" which he uses to time his debate speeches. He started debating as a student, and hasn't stopped since. Apart from Order, he also keeps his cape, "Eloquence", on his body as much as he can.


Order is, aside from Ptolemis' cutie mark, the pocket watch that has been filled with enchantments from his horn since he it was forever marked on his flanks. Some include signalling its user after passing the one minute, six minute and seven minute marks and magically knowing when a rebuttal or constructive of the speech has began and ended. It also records speeches on its gem, along with the speaker scores, times and motions.

Order is lined with silver, but has a small circular glass windor in the center of the timepiece to reveal its clockwork interior, and the gem that has held Ptolemis' enchantments for years. Ptolemis was "given" the gem by a merchant influenced by his spells of speechcraft and persuasion.

Ptolemis found Order a few days after he realized his passion for speeches and debating, along with the spells that came with it. His horn allowed him to sense a rusty discarded pocket watch in his childhood home's attic; it probably belonged to the old owners of the house.


Eloquence was tailor made for Ptolemis after he saw the same pattern on a tattered poster for a magic show nearby Trottingham one vacation. His horn, once again, allowed him to sense that the cape's design would benefit towards his speechcraft skills. In the end, the benefit was not as tangible as Order's but a benefit nonetheless. Eloquence, throughout the years, has given him the confidence and, well, eloquence to get him through tough speeches.

Eloquence, like Order, has been enchanted by Ptolemis' horn several times. When needed, it adjusts the user's voice to the same level according to the noise present in the room. It can also help prevent voice cracks, stuttering and transgressions like "Ummm," or "Er," However, Ptolemis has never really been able to perfect his enhantment on eliminating transgressions.


His spells revolve around speechcraft. Aside from the unnecessary skill of amplifying voices (thanks to the enchantments on Eloquence), some examples of his magic would be the ability to silence objects, impair minds into believing his words and the gift of tongues.

For reasons unknown to him, he can't grasp intermediate levitation, a skill all unicorns generally own. At best, he can lift around ten pounds of one item, or five of two. He can't levitate three or more items (unless one of which is Order, which he enchanted to be weightless to him years ago).

Due to this, it is quite unlikely that he'll ever be able to vanquish an Ursa Major.

"Persuading" the Ursa to leave, however, is another story.

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