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PuppyPaw (2)

PuppyPaws, the Bat Pony.

PuppyPaw is a BatPony that lives in Equestria, usually thinking about her special ability that makes no sense whatsoever. She have the bats' abilities, but doesn't act like them, not anymore.


PuppyPaw is considered an Alicorn, and she is. But her special ability is the Christmas Spirit, being easy to her to enjoy the date.

She, like the bats, have a kind of radar because her vision was a mess, until Twilight fixed her problem with a spell. She can't fly well, but is VERY intelligent.

She was adopted by an Unicorn named Cadence and another Male unicorn named ThunderHoove. She is very useful sometimes and make friends with everyone in her way.

She still have her dead father's necklace and keep it safe in her neck (sorry if you can't see it on the photo because I didn't put it).

Powers and Abilities[]

Here is a list of her powers and abilities:

  • Her 'special' ability is the thunder ability (can do the things just like pikachu: give shocks from her cheeks and paralyze too, and also can have an electric overload.)
  • She have the bats' powers: radars, sleep upside down and another things.
  • Telepathy: read minds, and control them too.


  • Her adoptive name was changed to Madeline. But they still call her PuppyPaw. Her last name is Third. Her name is: Madeline Paw Amanda The Third.
    PuppyPaw's Cutie Mark

    PuppyPaw cutie mark.

  • She still act like bats when she see apples on the full moon, but that attack is really rare.
  • Her grandpa is Santa Hooves (Flock is his' son, that's the meaning of the name of her biological father: GingerFlock).
  • Her cutie mark appeared when she discovered the true meaning of Christmas and helped Santa to give presents to the kids.
  • Her necklace is magic and can make Christmas wishes come true. She also can turn a single thing in a christmas thing: it usually causes trouble.


She doesn't talk too much about her past, but they know that her mother and father died being killed by a thief and they were also Bat Ponies. They died trying to protect her, and she says that after that, a thunder hit her and she survived, that's why she have thunder powers.