Bronies Wiki
Puzzler ID
Kind unicorn
Sex male
Occupation Detective
Eyes bright pink
Mane turquoise secondary green
Coat blue with yellow spots
Nicknames Detective
Relatives daughter: Sunshine Shy -missing

wife: Mythic Moon -missing

Cutie mark
red puzzler piece
Owner Midnight Illusions
Long lost family

"Wow there Laddy what's the hurry" Puzzler talking to Lance shadow


Puzzler was born in an average family in a Fillydelhia he is loyal, skilful, eager, Puzzler got his cutie mark by helping out a stallion detective's case that was based in riddles and puzzle's, he feels like there's more secrets than answers in Equestria when Puzzler got older He left Fillydelhia to explored Equestria and started to learn new language's. on his journey he meet a young unicorn mare called Mythic Moon who was having trouble with a case trying to find a thief who robbed her store he invited her into the bureau he worked at but he fell in love with Mythic Moon so they both token the case and found the thief in a warehouse in Manehatten but with his diligence and powers, there's nothing to stop him from doing anything. Puzzler then married Mythic Moon and they had a unicorn foal called Sunshine Shy until late at night he got a source from a organisation called the Mafia Crime Lords they need him in Canterlot they packed up everything and headed for Canterlot.

Missing Family[]

Puzzler came home late at night expecting Mythic Moon and Sunshine Shy to be waiting for him but he tried to flicked the light on so he grabbed a candle the home looked like it was raided, Puzzler panicked he noticed a small light coming from upstairs but he just found Crystal Ire the leader of Mafia Crime Lords looking for answers of what happened to Puzzler's family, Puzzler now works tracking the ponies from the past and finding his family.


Mafia Crime Lords

They always give a job or help Puzzler out