Quartz Midnight
Eris and Phi-Phi's Son
Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Eyes Arctic blue
Mane Dark purple and Black
Coat Dark Gray
Nicknames Quartz, Middy (Amethyst), Midnight
Relatives Lord Erismonia (Future father)
Princess Philyra (Future mother)
Amethyst Dusk (Sister)
Cutie mark
Owner Astral and Brownie
 Quartz Midnight is the son of Lord Erismonia and Princess Philyra, he was the next heir of the throne, he has a sister named Amethyst Dusk


He is regal, and always proper like his mother, he enjoys music quite well too. Despite being a "prince", he always wanted to be a king, but in the future he will be betrothed, as they're following the royal rules.

Quartz does like animals, and is a whisperer to all of them. He also tend to sing tenor-ish, but he sings only in a private place (like in bathrooms, comfort rooms, bedrooms etc.), but whenever Amethyst is around, and she wants to sing with him, he agreed quickly.


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Lord Erismonia

He sees his father 


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