"Ooh! Look at me! I'm Queen Chrysalis and I rule Equestria! Neah, neah, neah!" -Queen Durbonica mocking Queen Chrysalis

Queen Durbonica is queen of the Mutoid Ponies and an antagonist in My Little Pony: The Invasion of Greenago. She is the rival of Queen Chrysalis.

Queen Durbonica
Kind Mutoid Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Mutoid Queen
Eyes Red
Mane Black
Coat Yellow
Nicknames Auntie, My Queen, Ugly Lady Thingy, Doomy Mistress of Doominess
Relatives Tivo (nephew)
Theme song
Enemy type Spoiled Brat
Cutie mark
Golden mask
Voice Hillary Shepard Turner
Owner User:Invadervax


She is cruel, repulsive, bratty, and hates it when she doesn't get her way. She has an urge to conquer Equestria and is quite ruthless. Most of her robots are walking trash cans.


She has a black mane, yellow fur, red eyes, golden leggings, a golden crown with a cheesy skull on it, and her cutie mark is a golden mask.

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