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Princess Luna is feeling weak without 'The Lunar Stone'. And it's up for Alice the Alchemist, Serenity Lily, Blue Hydrangea, Selene Lightgem, and Monica lightgem to find it. They need help from the Powerful and Intelligent Ponies in Equestria they know.

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  • Dark Skies (Coming Soon)


Season 1
Episode Title
1 The Lunar Stone
Alice the Alchemist arrived at Equestria to get some ingredients for her potions.

Princess Celestia suddenly notices her. And inivted her to the castle. But while

she was touring Alice, Princess Luna suffered in pain and feeling weak. She

needs the Lunar stone. Princess Celestia can't get it for her, so she sent Alice.

And she can't do it alone, so she remembered someone who can help her...

2 The Lightgem Twins
Alice finally arrived at one mine to ask for some help by someone she trusted. She knocked on one door near the mines, it looked untouched when she last saw it... She saw a unicorn with Orange hair. Alice found the pony she has been looking for. And the little unicorn, Selene recognized her too. She explained everything to her and her parents. Selene agreed and decided to go with Alice. But someone is stopping her. Selene's twin sister, Monica. Alice doesn't have much time to find some help, so she brought Monica with her.