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Brony Quickbeat
One, Two, Three, One, Two, Three







Cutie Mark

Three glowsticks


Quickbeat is an aqua colored pony with orange hoof marks and magenta colored eyes and a rainbow mane. He also wears a set of goggles and a bandanna around his neck. His goggles are purple-visored with grey trim and his bandanna is checkered green and magenta. Quickbeat also wears four purple bangles around his hooves. His cutie mark is the image of three glowsticks on his flank.


Quickbeat grew up a workhorse like many of the boy ponies did. He always did enjoy music over work though and actually seems to have made a living off of it. Dropping the work harness and picking up some (metaphorical) dance shoes, he became a dance instructor and party pony. If not seen walking around town he’s either seen giving lessons at his home (which is aptly shaped like a vinyl record) or attending any gigs and social outings that may be going on.

Other Info[]

Almost impossible to make upset, he is always outgoing and will almost go out of his way to make new friends. Quickbeat also doesn't mind sharing a secret collection of bracelets that he has somewhere on his person at any time, doing this as a way of forming friendships. If you get a bracelet, you got a friend!