Her origin was quite random.The creator,Rainbonk Dash (Alias Aikeedemes),was testing some textures for Ponys in Garrys mod,untill he forgot to change some colors.and thus Quin was born.


Quin is very assertive pegasus.She never backs up from a fight and does never surrender.She is quite hot-headed and is the last one to do talking.Sometimes she can be very quiet and thinks for hours.If that happens,nopony can talk to her,because she wont answer.There are times where she can get nervous,often if something unexpectet happens.Most of the time she is very aware of her surrondings and suspects anyone who is in her reach.

She has the Tendency to overdo things.If shes fighting she wont stop until someone stops her or the other fighter cant move anymore.She also thinks of herself as a better being,treating the most ponys around like lower lifeforms.there are not many ponys who have gained her respect.But those who have can rely on her.

She also has a split personality.Thats because of her sword,Crissaegrim,that has a negative influence on her.If the sword Takes over,she goes insane and doesnt know who is a friend or whos a foe.She will simply attack anything she sees.Sometimes she manages to take the controll back.

Because of her rude attitude,most ponys doesnt know that she is very smart,and sometimes caring.


Technically shes over 1000 years old.She was born 1020 years before Nightmare Moon was defeated.Her Childhood wasnt very nice.She was an orphan and lived from the age of 12 she was arrested for robbery for 2 years.While she was in prison she taught herself to Read and learned alot about the world.After she got out of Prison she joined Lunas Royal army and became Leader of lunas Assasins.She served luna till she got 18,And Luna told her that she wanted equestria for her own.After a Failed mission Luna told her to come over to her room,and as Quin entered,Luna bit her in the neck.A powerfull spell gave Quin boosted physical powers.After luna told her that she wanted to defeat celestia one and for all,she got to celestias castle to get a scroll with Magical seals.After she read the scoll she was captures by Celestias guard and was investigated by Celestia herself,wich told her to lure luna into a trap.After she arrived in Lunas castle she told her that everything was fine,but betrayed her to get Crissaegrim and escape Celestias Wrath,but it didnt last long.After Celestia defeated luna,Starswirl the Bearded sealed her and Crissaegrim into stone,because the sword was to powerfull to be held by a mortal being.

After 1000 Years of being imprisoned into stone she was freed by Roke,the brave warrior from Canterlot.

More information will follor,as her whereabouts are unknown

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