Rain Chaser

"Oohohoh! Did you see that?? Ahaha, awesome!" - Rain Chaser


A friendly but rather troublesome pegasus pony, Rain Chaser loves playing elaborate pranks on other ponies. While he's not goofing off, Rain Chaser is responsible for arranging clouds for rain and thunderstorms. His cutie mark is a cloud with raindrops.


Rain Chaser, otherwise known as "The Blue Bother" was born and raised in Cloudsdale. When he was young, he had a tendency to pull pranks on the other ponies everywhere he went, usually landing him into trouble. As a gifted pegasus, he could fly at temendous speeds to escape getting caught, most of the time. The reason why he pulls these pranks is to get attention. He was never really was accepted nor made friends with any other ponies for being different than everyone else, so he resorts to pranks and acting silly to hopefully find friends but has become rather a nuisance. In light of this, he has taken this personna to heart and continues to find a friend who would accept him for who he is.

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