Rainbow Blitz t

Profile Rainbow Blitz by Trotsworth
Rainbow Blitz Made By Trotsworth

Rainbow blitz s gala suit by ghostboy100battle-d5vnb1l
Blitz in his Gala Suit Made By ghostboy100battle-d5vnb1l

Equestria girls feathermay and rainbow blitz by offical lunaflaire-d723wd5 copy
Rainbow Blitz's Equestria Girl Counterpart

Kind Pegasus
Sex Male
Occupation Ponyville Weather Patrol
Eyes Pink
Mane Rainbow
Coat Light Blue
Nicknames Blitz
Rainbow Blitz is made originally by Trotsworth on Deviant Art.

Rainbow Blitz is a character who is protrayed as the stallion version of Rainbow Dash. he loves rainbow dash.

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