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Kind Pegasus
Sex Filly/Mare/Female
Eyes Moderate cyan
Mane Light brilliant red
Light brilliant vermillion
Light gold
Moderate sap green
Brilliant cornflower blue
Moderate violet
Coat Very light cerulean
Nicknames Rainbow, The Next Element of Kindness and Loyalty, Adopted Filly, Tigerlily/Tigerlily
Relatives Rainbow Dash (Adopted aunt)
Fluttershy (Surrogate mother)
Voice Chloë Grace Moretz
Owner Astral

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 Rainbowlily or Rainbow Lily (also known as "Tigerlily" or "Tiger Lily" by Flash Glimmer.) She is the Element of Dreams in the "possible" future, because she gives some advice about ponies' bad dreams or good dreams. She is also the adopted filly/child by Rainbow and Fluttershy


She is happy as always. And she sometimes acts like Fluttershy, being shy all of the sudden. She likes cupcakes and likes her "surrogate mother", Fluttershy. Like many "horses", she doesn't want to be separated with Fluttershy, because if she does. She will be "negative", "all of the sudden."

Rainbow Lily also likes Flash Glimmer as her friend. Thats why she always plays with her. 

Equestria Girls[]

Rainbow Lily is also always in the Honor Roll, but after Flash Glimmer. In this world/dimension, Fluttershy is Rainbow Lily's adopted cousin, so is Rainbow Dash. 



Rainbow Lily's birthday is unknown. But Fluttershy and her friends are still solving their case, called, "Find out RL's birthday". 

Story On How She is Fluttershy's Surrogate Daughter[]

She became Fluttershy's surrogate daughter because of this story:

It is a rainy day in Ponyville. And Fluttershy is sitting at the sofa, doing nothing.

To be continued.. 


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Coming soon..