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Rainbow Rogger is a male Pegasus with Thunder-Magic.



Rainbow Rogger's design is based on Rainbow Dash's design with some changes. His body stature is more female pegasus like, with a dark blue body and red wings. His mane and tail are in rainbow colours and and his eyes are red.


He has two cutiemark's. The first one is a thunderbolt in colour blue, yellow and red. The second is a blue controller.


His magic is called Thunderspir. It consists of electricity and he can amplify it through other electrical sources. At best in a thunderstorm.


How it begins[]

Rainbow Rogger is born in Cloudsdale an normal pegasus. One day, the day of the Sonic Rainboom, Fluttershyfell from the clouds and went mising. He decided to search for her and fly to the ground. He was searching for hours, but he cloudn't find her and gots thirsty. So he decided to take a break and looking for something to drink and found some bottles in which seems to be apple juice, but where was some magic potion. He drunk one of this bottles. After flying home something strange happend to him and he founds out that he can fire thunderbolts like an unicorn his magic.

First cutiemark[]

His first cutiemark was an thunderbolt. He gots it after a race against Rainbow Dash.

The New world[]

After he gots his unique magic, he wondered how he could better control his Magic and what else it could do. In his teenage years he went to the Ponyville library to look for answers to this question and found an article that pointed to a mirror. This mirror should lead to another world and he should find his answers there. However, this mirror was in the Canterlot castle. To get to it made it difficult and he looked for a way to port himself, with his magic, into that room. So he found out that he can put himself in a kind of electric state. So he can flash himself over metallic things. So he flash himself into that room where the mirror is in without being noticed. So he went in this world and search for his answers. He quickly realizes that in this world there is also a Rainbow Dash and a Fluttershy, so he avoids the Canterlot high. So he avoids that he ran over the two, because his other me seems to be missing for some years now.

Second cutiemark[]

He liked the human world so he stayed a little longer than planned. So he started looking for hobbies and found out what gaming is. He bought a game console after a few car washes. After his return to Equestria he noticed that he had a second Cutiemark. That cutiemark was a gamestation controller.

The anwers[]

The search led him back to Equestria, as he heard from Sunset Shimmer that Twilight Sparkle might be able to help him. After returning from the human world, he noticed that the mirror was no longer in the same castle and was now in Twilight's castle. Since Twilight was not at home he decided to look around Equesrtia first and look for a house to live in. On the same day Queen Chrysalis attacked Ponyville and the Mane 6 was powerless against her this time. So the Mane 6 were at the end of their tether. The sight of Rainbow Dash injured on the ground made Rainbow Rogger so angry that his Magic was charged up by the storm clouds above him. This made him stronger than Chrysalis and he was able to defeat her. A few days later it turned out that no one knew where his magic came from and how he could fully control it. So he just kept training until he eventually gained full control.