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Raindrop in her library.

Raindrop Uteki, (Called Teki by her friends,) is a blind unicorn who lives in Ponyville with her big sister. She is currently 11 years old. Her mom and dad are currently away on a business trip to Manehattan for a year, so her sister has to take care of her while they are gone.

Friends and Family[]

Although Raindrop doesn't have many friends, her best friend is Candy Circus the clown pony. She also is friends with her sister and Midnight Snow [Mentioned in Love Life.]

Her sister, Blossom Bubblegum, cares for her and works on Applejack's apple farms. [Though she rarely converses with her.]


Raindrop's best friend, Candy Circus.

Love Life[]

While Uteki here may be young, she already has some love interests!

Midnight Snow: Midnight Snow is one of Raindrop's best friends, only second to Candy Circus . Midnight Snow has confessed her love to Teki, and Teki responded with a simple kiss, whispering her affection for her as well.

Lucky Key: Lucky Key is one of Raindrop's classmates, whom she shared the occasional "Hey!" with, not aware that the young stallion had a crush on her. She is still unaware of his affection. 


Uteki and Midnight Snow.