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Red Gala
Kind Earth
Sex Female
Eyes Moderate Sap Green
Mane Light Scarletish Gray
Pale Light Grayish Tangelo
Pale Light Grayish Olive
Pale Light Grayish Sap Green
Pale Light Grayish Cerulean
Pale Light Grayish Purple
Coat Pale Grayish Pink
Nicknames Crimson Philo Gala (Full Name)
Red Gala (Nickname)
Relatives Rainbow Dash (Mother)

Big Macintosh (Father)
Gusty (Sister)

Hooves Very Pale Arctic Blue
Cutie mark
Red Gala Cutie Mark
Owner Pandora And Lunaflaire

Red Gala is a female Earth Pony who is the daughter of Rainbow Dash and Big Macintosh. She is also the sister of Gusty.


Red Gala is a mechanic who lives in Ponyville. She is shown to be very close to her family, and especially close to Gusty and her aunt, Apple Bloom.