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Reemix Beat[]


reemix beat is a real music fan. She's more like a DJ. She likes to party and make everyone dance. She loves all kind of music, but prefer pop. She's a bit selfish but she can be very generous. She also can be very brave when it's time to face ennemies. She also likes to travel, discover new things.

but what makes her an awesome DJ is that she likes to go crazy in parties, make them go up !

Cutie mark and special talent[]


her cutie mark represents headphones. That also represents something about DJs.

As you can see, her special talent is music. She's a DJ.

she hearn it when she was 9. her grandmother had a DJ platform in the basement and when reemix discovered it, she started to make songs with. She had so much fun she didn't even noticed she got her cutie mark !


she lost her family when she was 9. Their house burned and her family died. All excepting her big sister, Sunrise tune. Her sister took her and went outside before it was too late. But sadly, the rest of the family was trapped in the basement of the house. After that, Reemix and her sister went to their grandmother's house. Her sister fled away a few days after that. She never heard of her again until today.

today she lives in ponyville, with her grandmother. They moved there because there is constructions that need to be done where they were. She lives in a small house, near the Sweet Aples Acres. Reemix knows that her sister don't know she's there, but she decided that she'll wait until she'll be able to talk to her. She only knows that she lives in cloudsdale. She still don't know about her family and all.

let's hope she'll find out soon !

more to come soon ![]

when I'll have time ! =P