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Now come here.. I won't hurt you

–Resonance guiding a lost soul to heaven

Resonanceid by little miss kitsune-d9p5ky6
Kind Soul Flame Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Soul guider
Eyes Light Arctic Blue
Mane Light fuchsiaish gray
Coat Reddish Grey Dark Purple (Tatoos)

Light Cyan (Soul Flame)

Relatives none.
Cutie mark
None, she is a Soul Flame
Voice Her own
Owner .Kitsune

Resonance is a reddish grey Soul Flame pony who guides souls to heaven.


Resonance is very kind and is an extrovert. She likes to help others, and to make others happy. Sometimes she can be really competitive, and wants to be the best soul guider there is. However.. she puts a lot of pressure on herself, and tries to make everyone happy, regardless of what it does to her.


Resonance is a greyish brown earth pony with bright fluffy pink hair. She has a traditional unicorn tail a blue tail flame. She wears a black stringed necklace with blue star shaped beads. Resonance also had "drippy"-like dark purple tatoos on her legs, face ear and tail.


Resonance is not an ordinary pony..