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A little bit too cocky, loud and boisterous for most ponies, Ripcurl is hard to be around at times with her obnoxious attitude. At heart she has good intentions, but often comes off the wrong way and doesn't think before she leaps. Surprizingly, she doesn't care much about the crowd she hangs out with, and assumes she is friends with everyone unless notified otherwise. Her talents don't come into play when she's around others, so she can calmly hang around anyone, forgetting any sort of reputation she has.

One of her better qualities is that she never judges books by their cover. Everyone has a fair start in her eyes, and although they'll grow in like and dislike as she gets to know them, most start off in neutral even with a bad reputation.

A bad quality(counting the ones above) would be that she finds it hard to adapt to new things, even sometimes as extreme as the change in the seasons. Anything differing in her routine or way of life makes her panic; she's a perfectionist. Everything has to go the right way or she'll be in a bad mood or sulking until it's fixed or she's firmly convinced it'll be okay. Having just moved in to her new house, this will probably mean a bad start for her.


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Likes: Surfing, the beach, seagulls, competition, sports, admiration, adventures, pranks, being outgoing, perfection in her life

Dislikes: Being embarrased, bored, someone knocking her off her board or stealing a wave, change, sour food and for some strange reason, hippogriffs

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