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Risky Charm

Risky Charm Pony
Risky Charm

Risky Charm Filly
Risky as a Filly

Risky Charm Injured
Risky Charm Injured

Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Criminal
Head of Charm Crime Family
Eyes Grapefruit
Mane Black and Blue Gray
Coat Pink Lemonade
Nicknames The Risk Taker (By Midnight)
Snake Charmer (By Gizmo)
Lemonade (By Mirage)
Relatives Clover (Husband)
Status At Large
Reward 300,000 Bits (For Capture)
15,000 Bits (Vital Info)
5,000 Bits (Capture of Allies)
Cutie mark
Risky charm s cutie mark rq by ruyeka san-d6yo6io
Snake Wrapped Round Horseshoe
Owner Cryptic-91
"Equestria is in the hooves of fools, fools who do not know how to run or rule this great land, Great rulers lead by controling thier citzens not by giving them free will, Celestia and Luna are both a scar on this great land of Equestria and I will not stop to they are no longer in power!"
—Risky Charm

Risky Charm is a female Earth Pony, a cunning and sly pony who will stop at nothing to get what she desires and a villain of the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic fandom. She has always been in a life of crime, Risky has a burning hatred for Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Her strong beliefs that Equestria is being ruled by simple minded ponies. Her anger became even more when Twilight Sparkle became a Princess, she saw Twilight as a no talented pony who was only get ahead in life due to Celestia giving her pushes and beliefs without Celestia's help Twilight Sparkle would not be a Princess and would be a weak Unicorn.


Risky charm by unimagic-d6yfsq2

Risky Charm

Ricky Charm is a Pink Lemonade Earth Pony with braded black and blue gray mane and tail. She is far stronger then the average Earth Pony with dark magic being inside her heart. She is only slightly taller then the normal earth pony, has Grapefruit eyes and irises.



Risky Charm was born in Las Pegasus, she was easily consumed by the greed and hatred due to her rough upbringing, Her parents had no money and they sometimes were forced to live on the street. It took her years of blaming her family to realize that it was not thier fault it was Princess Celestia and Luna's fault for not helping the poorer ponies of Equestria. The hatred in her grew stronger and stronger over years when she saw Celestia would rather train talented Unicorns then go and help Ponies that were in need of help. She started to express her hatred publicly, even sometimes vandalising planned events celebrating Princess Celesita, Has a ongoing feud with The Apple Family she see's them as below her and hates how they always seem so happy and always willing to do anything for Equestria, out of all the Apple Family members she hates Applejack the most and has gotten into several fights with her over the years but is always forced to flee when her friends come to help her. 

Life of Crime[]

She tried to speak with Princess Celestia to speak about the problems, when she went to try and visit her, she was not far of from snapping but when the Guards stopped her from getting into the castle and seeing Princess Celestia she finally snapped and attacked the two guards knocking them both out but was forced to run when more guards came after her. After that moment she started to do small simple crimes like theft and sometimes doing stuff for money like stealing Jewels or Documents, sometimes allowing to keep any valuables she found as payment. She wasn't much of a killer early on but as Risky's heart became darker and started to no care if the pony lived or died. Her feud with The Apple family is well known, but she always targets Applejack and tries to cause as much misery to her life as possible, causes damage to the raunch Applejack lives on by destroying trees and crops, oftern gets into fights with Applejack but is always forced to flee when Applejack's friends come to assist her.

Document Thefts & Feuds[]


Over the years she has stolen many important documents from varies ponies from all over Equestria. She stole plans of almost all of the cities in Equestria and handed them to third parties, she even claims to have stolen the very plans for Canterlot Castle, but this is unknown if it happened but Celestia is said to be worried as she fears she could be telling the truth about stealing the layout plans of Canterlot Castle. Also stole many documents containg a list of all the ponies in Equestria and copied it before passing it onto a third party so she could know everypony that live in Equestria and who was the richest, she does not know who the third party is but has been asured by Queen Chrysalis that the third party is to be trusted. Most of the time she doesn't even care who the third party are, but on a rare ocassion she can be mad when she is almost put into a dangerous situation where she could be caught and has questioned the third parties thinking about certain items. Risky has also sparked many feuds as well over the years most notably having on and off feud with Psyco pony Red Vine, Demon Pony Midnight Sunset and her family, Princess Celestia and most known feud is with Earth Pony Applejack who she has major issues with her. She has caused harm to everypony in her feud with the escpetion of Princess Celestia but she does try to do some harm to her but she can never get anywhere close enough to cause her any serious harm before hse has to retreat from the guards. She once beat Midnight to inches within death but she lived the attack, she always attacks Midnight's family thus Midnight's family completly despising Risky Charm but she does not care what they think.

Failed Coup d'état: Suspected Involvement[]


Risky Charm Wanted

RIsky Charm is on the list of some of the most wanted and deadliest ponies in Equestria, she has a massive bounty of one hundred and fifty thousand bits on her head. Equestria's Royal Guards say that Princess Celestia and Luna said they will not pay out unless she is brought in alive, but she is not the easiest of ponies to capture as she never stays in the same place for too long and there are always other Criminals who are willing to help her avoid getting cought by the Royal Guards or any bounty hunters that try to get her. So far only four bounty hunters have come close, one of them being killed by her and escaping three of them with ease.

List of Crimes[]

The Equestria Royal Guards have disclosed this as the list of crimes she is to be charged with:

  • Treason
  • Murder
  • Grand Larceny/Theft
  • Assault
  • Conspiracy
  • Hate crime
  • Torture 
  • Terrorism

Queen Chrysalis[]

Queen Chrysalis

Queen Chrysalis

She has a great working relationship with Queen Chrysalis and is always willing to do buisness with her. Risky Charm always believes that Chrysalis should be at least a ruler in Equestria. She was left shell shocked when she got left out of Chrysalis attempted takeover of Equestria but she let it go as she knew the time would come for her greatest victor along side the Queen who she respects every fibre of her being and will always keep doing her buisness with her.She will always do some form of small task of spying for her and unamed parties linked to Queen Chrysalis, she never asks who these third parties are as long as she gets paid for the job is asked to do, where it be spying or steal documents from big ponies, even from Princess Celestia, Luna or Cadence. She keeps track on Twilight Sparkle as she herself personally see's her as a threat and believes Chrysalis thinks the same thing.

Dark Spear[]

Dark spear by phoenixfirewing-d6y6b3y

Dark Spear

She first met fellow criminal Dark Spear shortly after doing a special mission for Queen Chrysalis, they struck a agreement together and quickly finiding they could work well with one another after doing one job together. The unlikely partnership stunned most of the citzens of Equestria due to them thinking Criminals who have different agendas and goals could not work well with one another, as time went on the two became close with one another and started to form a special bond with each other. They began dating nearly a year after meeting one another, but they kept on working together. The are efficient anf they always get the job done, no matter what gets in the way.

They are hard to catch and like most of the criminals in Equestria they too are keen on helping keeping thier fellow criminals from being caught by the law, but if they ever try to stab them in the back, they will either find themself being arrested or being killed by either her or Dark Spear. The pair got married two years after meeting one another and combined thier fortune to make one big fortune, they also passed thier knowledge onto one another, they still work solo missions but they charge double if anypony wants to hire them together.

After many years together, and after long and deep talks, the two decided that it was in their best intrest to go their sperate ways, Dark Spear filled for a divorce with his lawyer who had the documents classified as Secret to protect his clients identity due to them being wanted by the Equestria Royal Guards.

Charm Crime Family[]


Charm Crime Family Logo

Risky Charm is one of the Co-Founders of The Charm Crime Family, she and her best friend Star Charm set up the buisness in Las Pegasus when Risky was a young filly. She has since elevated to the status of Leader of the Family. Many ponies say the most sucessfully period for the family has been under Risky’s leadership. She took charge after Star Charm was put in a wheel  chair. Star Charm is Risky’s closest allie in the family and is the family’s laywer and is able to get her out of anything, thats how smart Star Charm is and how much of an assest she is to Risky Charm and to the Charm Crime Family.

Risky has only been arrested on four ocassions but all four times she was quickly released asnd no charges have ever been brought against her or any offical or unoffical members of the Charm Crime Family. The family has a close relationship with The Demon Pony Royal Guards and she uses them as body guards to protect the main leaders of the family. She has a close relationship with Blood Storm and this progressed further when she and Blood Storm began dating, they got engaged to one another after a few months of secrert dating and a week after she and Dark Spear had been divorced.


She is a spiteful and despicable in nature, she will crush anypony that stands in her way, even if that pony is only a little Colt or Filly, she does not care as she thinks she is better then them, She acts like she is better then any Earth Pony in Equestria and always throws insults at how weak and pathetic they are and how much she despies them. Due to her high success rate of finishing missins with postive outcome going her way, she has become cocky and arrogant. Despite all her hatred she is calm of nature and is not that easy to make her angry or snap, she does this through meditation.


Risky Charm has suffered many minor and major injuries over the year ranging from a simple sprained hoof to a broken neck. She easily hides her injuries and not many ponies spot these injuries as she is a masterr of hiding them and can manipulate anypony into believeing she is perfectly fine when she has had a sever broken leg or any other major injuries. Despite sometimes suffering horific injuries, even one time having bone go through her leg, she always ninty five percent of the time finishes the mission she has been set out to do.


Ricky Charm does not posses any magical powers, but she makes up with her stregnth and heart and courage, she is clever, quick and always has solutions for many problems. She has a far superior strength then most normal Earth Ponies due to some magic that formed deep in her heart making her far more stronger then then average Earth Pony. She is very resilient and it will take more then simple attacks to knock her out and cause any physical harm or damage before she gives up on her goal, target or mission and retreating to get treament.


Risky has many Hideouts dotted all over Equestria, with only a handful of Ponies only knowing where they are, including her lover Dark Spear, Gangster Mare Stainless Gizmo and Lavender Volcanic. Some say she never keeps one hideout up for long and tends to destroy them when she fears it might be discovered and always makes sure she can never be followed or traced. Some ponies always thought she had a hideout under the castle in Canterlot and once had a base in the old castle in the Everfeee Forrest but these are only myths and stories that have never been confirmed, even Celestia herself said that this was just bizzare and assured her citzens that it would be impossible for her to have a hideout under the Castle in Canterlot and said she did not believe she would use her old castle in the Everfree Forrest, but she does use the castle as a drop of point of documents and recieveing her money from time to time, the drop off location of money and documents vary, depending on what the item is.



"You, You!! are a what Earth Ponies should not be Applejack, you show disgrace to our species and how can you carry that Element of Harmony, you are not worthy of holding it, you are just as much of a scar on this great land as Princess Celestia and Princess Luna is, I will take you down one day and when I do I will take pleassure in it"
—Ricky Charm to Applejack
475px-Applejack equestria girls casual clothes by beamsaber-d6


Her hatred for Applejack is just as strong as her hatred of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, she hates her entire family and the way she acts all nice and good and how she worships the Princess and her friend the newly crowned Princess Twilight Sparkle. She does everything in her power to make her life a living hell, by destroying her trees, causing damage to the farm and even sometimes attacks her family and on a few occassions he likes to attack Applejack directly when she does not expect anything bad to happen. She can never do any serious harm most times as her friends, the one's she calls Wortlhess Ponies always arrive to help her, but she is so clever she always has a escape plan in her head and on a rare occassion she has injured Applejack in a couple of ways, breaking bones or causing head injuries. When she does cause Applejack harm she takes pride in it and before any help can come she likes to inflict more pain by putting pressure on her injury just so she can hear her cry out in pain, something she takes in delight in hearig, to her its like music to her ears and she can not get enough of it.

Midnight Sunset[]

Phoenixfirewing point commission by aquillic tiger-d4lm7tf 1

Midnight Sunset

Risky Charm first meet the Demon Pony known as Midnight Sunset when she foiled her mission to steal some important documents from Princess Celestia and in the process fracturing her leg badly. This caused her to flee with her lover Dark Spear, this also made her enraged at Midnight Sunset and vowed she would get her revenge on Midnight Sunset by destroying everything that she held dear and close to her heart. One day she saw the opportunity to attack Midnight in the Everfree Forrest just outside the town of Ponyville, she jumped at her and even though starling her at first a fight broke out with Midnight grossly underestimating how strong Risky was and through a combination of pride and arrogance in how she thought she could easily capture her, Risky beat Midnight fatally injuring her and left her for dead, but was left enraged when she found out Midnight Sunset survived her attack thanks to her kids helping.

"Ah Midnight Sunset, the little creature who made me fail in my mission to steal some very documents for a third party, they really wanted to have thier hoofs on those document, oh can't get up, oh wait cause you have two broken legs and your bleeding very badly, well I hope you are suffering, you are a disease you stupid, pathetic DEMON PONY!!, I hope your death is slow and painful, I hope all this is worth it, protecting and serving the tyrant knowing as Princess Celestia, remember this your death is her fault"
—Risky Charm to Midnight Sunset after thier battle

Following the fight she kept a close eyes on Midnight, even spying on her using some disguises she had, she even sent Midnight threats through many parties so they could not trace the threats back to herself and so they could not trace her, she tried to make Midnight's life a living nightmare and always hurt her children, most of the times she did it as a warning to Midnight but her kids could never tell who was the attacker due to how good Risky Charm was at attacking other ponies.

Storm & Seabreeze[]


Miracle by phoenixfirewing-d4w9lud

Midnight Spell[]

Midnight spell request by kimmie9-d6il7j5 1

Midnight Spell

Her relationship with Midnight Spell is very tight and she is only one of few ponies she belifs who shares the same ideas as her. They occasionally work together on very big important missions, like stealing very valuable documents from important places like the Royal Archives in Canterlot. They only work together a couple of times a year, once they have finished doing a very big job they go different ways till the heat has gone low. She see's Midnight Spell as the perfect pony, somepony who see's Celestia as weak minded and a pony who should not be ruling a great land like Equestria. When they do get together, something is always bound to happen, even after Midnight Spell was defeated by Midnight Sunset, Risky Charm did everything in her power to get her back to her best and regain the powers she had lost and they kept thier friendship and partnership strong. They are hard to catch and with Risky's charm and quick thinking and with Midnight Spell's magic and cold heart they will not do anything to make sure they get what they want or get away from anypony who wishes to do them or harm or take them into custody.

"Ah Risky Charm, you have the skill and brains of a very skilled Assassin, with the oh so nice touch of a criminal mastermind, you can read a pony by just looking into thier eyes and deciding what to do in almost a split second, thats why you are clearly one of the best criminal master minds that lives in Equestria, you have one great future ahead of you"
—Midnight Spell to Risky Charm

Midnight Spell is Risky's source on everything that is on the demon ponies due to her past with Midnight Sunset, she knows a lot of the demon ponies and tends to tell any and every criminal orginastion about the demon ponies, some want to take advantage of the demon ponies others just want to sit back and watch and study them. Risky uses the knowledge she gets from Midnight Spell to do as much damage as possible to Midnight Sunset and her family, She will sometimes go through Midnight Spell to get secrets of Midnight Sunset's personal life and she does not really care how she does get the information, just as long as she obtains the information she desires, even if it means hurting anypony by tocher, or threating to kill a member of thier family.


Merage request by kimmie9-d6ilg73 1


Mirage has a close bond with Risky Charm and she calls her Lemonade, they have a close bond, mainly due to the fact that they are sisters and she is willing to do anything to protect her from the Law, while Risky is Lemonade her Mane and Tail is a Lime Green, its assumed she wears special wigs to cover up her true Mane and Tail color. She also has a close relationship with her sisters lover Dark Spear, she helps the two with missions and tells them what one's are fake, or one's set up by the authorities and what one's are real genuine missions and she sometimes gets paid a percentage of what her sister earns if she recommends missions that get Risky a lot of money. Mirage is a legit buisness mare and employes her sister Leomande, so it acts as a cover story so she can not be pinned down as Risky Charm, despite that being her real name.

"Risky Charm, you are my sister, you must never forget there is nothing I won't do to protect you and your lover Dark Spear, if you need money or any help please come and ask for the help, my door is always open to you"
—Mirage to Risky Charm

Mirage's buisness is a cafe, half a dozen known criminals but she says they are onlu customers and she does not know any of them, but its not true as she does know Dark Spear and Risky Charm, her sister who she rather call Lemonade, her cover name. She set up the buisness as a way to protect her sister from every getting caught by the Equestrian authorities.

Stainless Gizmo[]

Her friendship with Gangster Stainless Gizmo is not known to anypony at all, Gizmo has been accused of many major crimes but nopony can ever commit her of the crimes that she has supposedly done, she keeps her affairs with Risky Charm secret and does hire her to do a few odd jobs for her, sometimes stealing certain documents or removing any problems that Stainless may find a threat to her buisness empire. She also covers up Risky's tracks so the law can never track her down but she denies to ever having meet her and that is partly true as she has never meet Risky directly, she always does it through a pony that can easily be disposed or made silent if they become a threat to either herself or her buisness client Risky Charm or who she codenames Snake Charmer, but no pony knows this and think that Snake Charmer is a different pony all together.

Princess Celestia[]

385px-Canterlot Castle Princess Celestia 2