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Dippin Dots

"You never know whats there until you've lost sight of it with both your eyes and your heart"

Founded | 12-17-18

Founder | DOts

Oc name | Dippin Dots


Status | Alive and current oc

Family | Caramel Apple (adoptive mother) Lilac Dots (bio mother dead)

Friends|None at the time..

Colors| Caramel, mint green frost base coat brown

Living areas| The apple acres

Species | Filly

Schooling?| In school at Twilight Sparkles Friendship School

Personality | Generally happy, has slight depression

Season | fall

Cutie mark | she is an aspiring musician since her birth mother had a beautiful voice and her unknown adoptive father sang to her to her while she slept when she was only a very small filly



Dippin dots was left right outside a orphanage on the outskirts of ponyville, since she learned her mother left her because it was her mother's fault made her deppressed she finally found a mare to care for her who was part of the Apple Acres. Her mother named her Dippin Dots, she was annoyed at her mother for naming her something that wasnt meaningful to anything else but was sadly named for her unusual coat colors and the fact that she looked like the last thing her mother ate, mint and caramel Dippin' Dots, Caramel Apple wanted to rename her Caramel delight after her adoptive father's last name, and after her name too(Caramel's), she was a happy little filly until her father had died in a race due to heat stroke, her mother fell into depression and soon resorted to becoming an alcoholic. Dip was abused by her mother and fell into a state of depression and anorexia, the apple family helped her out of the anorexic stage she was very close to Apple bloom and they would sing together, she found her passion of singing when she was about 6 years old. She'd enter a singing contest and to her luck she won first place, she then got her cutie mark. A heart that's connected with a music note, and thats surrounded with color. The heart represented her big heart, the note represented her passion for singing, and the colors around it were where her family helped her out in bad times and good times too.


Her singing voice and favorite song