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Rose Beauty

Rose Beauty
Rose's profile artwork

Rose Beauty (EG)
Rose's EG form

Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Organization Leader
Eyes vivid tangelo
Mane luminous vivid raspberry
Coat very light amaranth
Nicknames R (by Song Harmony)
Rose The Flower (by Sassy Saddles)
Relatives Diamond Beauty (sister)
Bloom Beauty (little sister)
Star Beauty (mother)
Cutie mark
A rose
Voice User:Elsa of Arandelle
Owner User:Elsa of Arandelle

Rosalinda "Rose" Beauty is an optimistic, passionate, and free-spirited unicorn. She does not like ponies who are sensitive and blunt. She often helps ponies discover their real beauty. She admires the mane 6 as they have battled villains in the past and spread the magic of friendship over Equestria.



Rose has very light amaranth coat, luminous vivid raspberry mane, vivid tangelo eyes, and a rose cutie mark. In her EG form, her hair is tied up in a high ponytail, and her top has a rose on it, representing her cutie mark. She wears boots.


Rose is a passionate pony whose talent is to help ponies discover their real beauty. Rose is also hardworking due to the fact that she never gives up on something. She is also loyal towards her family and friends, like for example, she sacrificed her own singing career for Song Harmony, and helped her get a singing career. She also once didn't accept her job, which is her dream, just to help her family.


Cutie Mark[]

Rose got her cutie mark when she once was a filly and helped a pony, whose name is Song Harmony, find her real beauty and talent. Song once was mean, bossy, and blunt before, which made Rose think if she can help her out. Rose talked with her and convinced her to stop manipulating others. Though Song disagreed, but Rose tried harder. Rose tried and tried to help her, but it was no use. She asked her why she was so rude to others, Song told Rose the reason. And it turns out the reason why she is acting like that was because of the bullies who made fun of her for not getting a cutie mark yet. Rose encouraged Song to respect and be friendly towards other ponies, but it seems like they have forgiven her easily. Song sang in the talent show in their school about her life, and everyone was pleased with. Rose also finally got her cutie mark, and was very glad about it.