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Flowers are also living things, treat them with respect! - Rosy
Kind Earth
Sex Female
Occupation Gardener
Eyes Hot pink
Mane Blonde
Coat Lime Green
Relatives Lily Valley (mother)

Rain Cloud (father)

Golden Harvest (sister)

Sun Glare (brother)

Voice Kristen Wiig
Owner Coconutting

Rosy represents the Element of Love. She has a pet chipmunk named Peanut.


Rosy is shy and sweet. She loves tending to her garden and hanging out with her friends.

Cutie Mark[]

When Rosy was a filly, she was very shy. One day, her parents had a party at their house and they told Rosy to go to town to get some cupcakes. When she did, a filly made them for her and the filly got her cutie mark. The filly wanted to be best friends after, so the two played and laughed for a while and Rosy got her cutie mark. Rosy overcame her supreme shyness and "blossomed".



Star Chaser[]

Rosy likes Star Chaser a lot and think of her as her sister, if she can get a little grumpy at times.

Cupcake Sprinkle[]

Rosy think that Cupcake Sprinkle is very funny, but she thinks that she can be really weird at times.


Rainbow Flip[]

Rosy thinks that Rainbow Flip needs to calm down a little bit and enjoy now.



Rosy has had a crush on Butterscotch since her arrival to Ponyville. They met in the market when Rosy dropped her basket and luckily Butterscotch was there to help her pick it up.


"I'm not an environmentalist. I'm an Earth warrior."

"Take care of the earth and she will take care of you."


  • Rosy's name was originally Flora.
  • At first she was going to be an environmental nerd with pink glasses.
  • Rosy got her green skin from the saying "green thumb", as she has a green thumb.