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Royal Dice





Cutie Mark

2 Dices


Gambler, Trader.


Royal Dice is a pony who is always busy seeking oppertunities and things to do. He lives in Ponyville and is also seen alot in the Everfree Forest salvaging anything of value to sell. He doesn't make alot of money from the things there that's why he often gambles with other ponies. He also often buys apples from the local apple orchard.


Born in Manehatten and raised by his father, Al Capony he learned how to play cards and dice games at a very young age. He got his cutie mark after he beated his father at a dice game, wich he decided to make his occupation. He traveled past alot of different places across Equestria to search for places where he could play his games with other ponies who share is interest. With the stuff he won he bought rare items from the places where he has been to and decided to travel to Ponyville and sell his wares there, as he heard that alot of strange things happen there and he wanted to see some of those things.

Other Info

Likes: Games, Jokes, Irony.

Dislikes: Cheaters, Smelly Things, Dragons.

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