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Ruby Ring
Kind Dragon/Unicorn Hybrid
Sex Female
Occupation Gem Collector, Fashionista
Eyes Moderate spring green
Mane Moderate violet

Brilliant sap green

Coat Light violetish gray
Nicknames Ruby, Ring, Fashion Freak (by Patch)
Relatives Rarity (mother),

Spike (father), Twilight Sparkle (aunt), Flash Sentry (uncle), Midnight Flash (cousin), Twinkle (cousin), Magic Dust (cousin)

Cutie mark
Ruby Ring CM
Owner User:Clesta The Winged Wolf

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Ruby Ring is a dragon/unicorn hybrid that is the only daughter of Spike and Rarity. She was born is Canterlot and lives in Ponyville with her family.

Characteristics and Biography[]

Generic Info[]

Ruby Ring is a dragon/unicorn hybrid. She's color-blind, meaning regular colors would look different (for example, black would look white and vise versa), this causes the problem when she's trying to identify a gem (a emerald would look like a ruby). She also has a better relationship to her mother than her father.


Ruby Ring is a bit of a neat freak, she would clean anything that's dirty or disgusting. She's a bit whinny when she wants something she wants, but clumsy. Her color-blindness can make her stressed.