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Ruffian is an Earth Pony that lives in Las Pegasus and is best friends with Melbourne Shuffle.

Kind Earth Pony
Sex Male
Occupation Records Store Clerk
Eyes Unknown
Mane Grey Brown
Coat Field Drab
Cutie mark
Ruffian's Cutie Mark
Voice His Own
Owner Aniju Aura


Ruffian is an shaggy Earth Pony who is always wearing a hat that conseals his eyes, leaving his natural eye color a mystery. Ruffian has long wavy, slightly unkept hair with a tuft of hair on his chin. He is usually seen smoking. Ruffian is generally quiet around others, and comes off as a bad boy out to cause trouble. Despite his name Ruffian is layback and calm. He prefers to chill with his good friend Shuffle while listening to music and smoking. He doesn't smoke cigarettes however. His Cutie Mark is the Hardstyle logo.


Ruffian lived his whole life in Las Pegasus in the suburbs of the city where most shady ponies lived. From a youngage Ruffian had to learn how to survive in a harsh unforgiving enviorment after the lost of his parents. Ruffian was barely old enough to fend for himself, so to avoid being sent to the orphange, Ruffian got a job to support himself at the local record store. Here was where he befriended a young colt named Melbourne Shuffle and the two became best friends. Working at the record store was where he discovered his love for music and he soon discovered he was quiet skilled at shuffling, something his friend Shuffle tought him. Ruffian never finished school, he had to drop out to get his part-time job to support himself. He was able to get a job at the local record store because the owners were Shuffle's aunt and uncle. Thanks to Shuffle, Ruffian moved in with him in the apartment above the record store because Shuffle managed o convince his aunt and uncle to house his friend. The two met Dante at the Ponyville X Festival and became good friends with him soon after.


Pictures of Ruffian.


  • Ruffian name comes from a MC musican of the same name.
  • The word Ruffian means a violent person, one involved in crime, however Ruffian is rather layback and tolerante.