Rustle Storm
MLP Rustle Storm




Making/Clearing Up the weather at record speed. (Second To Rainbow Dash)


None So Far


Weather Team Pegasus in Ponyville.



Cutie Mark

Gray Cloud w/ Three Yellow Lightning Strikes



Created By: Songcloud

Normal Colt Height. Dark Brown-Reddish Body. Dark Blue-Indigo Mane & Tail. Gold-Amber Eyes. Nose Freckles. Cutie Mark: Gray Storm Cloud with three Yellow Lighting Strikes. He is in a Relationship with Princess Aurora Dusk.


Rustle grew up in Ponyville, with his parents. Like every young pegasus, he flunked flight school/camp. There he met Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. He had a threesome with them before they became friends. When he traveled to Canterlot one day, he ran in to Princess Auroura Dusk. He and Aurora hit it off. He was there for about 2 weeks. At the end of the 1st week, they were an official ab couple. Even though he had to travel back to Ponyville, the two kept in touch. So When Aurora moved into Ponyville, he was extinct!

Friend History

Twilight Sparkle

She and Rustle dont know to much about each other. But Rustle knows that she is one of Aurora Dusk's closests friends, so they respect each other, even if the POV's dont always match.


He met Fluttershy in Summer Flight camp, as Fluttershy did Rainbow Dash. They got to know each other better, and stayed good friends.

Rainbow Dash

They also met in Summer Flight Camp. And both had a knick for weather and speed. Right now in Ponyvillie Rustle is the second fastest to Rainbow Dash. But thats still fast!


Not knowing to much about each other, He knows that the Apples Family supplies Ponyvillie with most of its food. And he likes that. OwO <--- *Squee*


He and Rarity are good friends, and he sometimes helps her out, when Aurora Dusk is over and he gose with her. And even though Rarity is the most beautiful, Aurora Dusk will never top her in Rustle's eyes.


Out off all of Aurora Dusk's friends he is closest with Spike. Considering Spike LIVES with his girlfriend. Spike looks up to Rustle as a big brother, like he looks to Aurora Dusk like his favorite big sister/parent. Sometimes he has to watch over him when Aurora has Royal business, so they are pretty close.

Love Life

Girlfriend- Princess Aurora Dusk

They have been together for over an year. They treat each other with respect, and both love each other.

Spouse- None

Children- None


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