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The Secret Experimental Organization for the Perfect Pony (also known as The S.E.O.P.P) is a secret organization hidden from Celestia and Luna. It's rival is the Hybrid Labs.



Information and Goal[]

Founded by Dr.Mech Wing, their goal is to create a powerful supervillian pony that is completely perfect (but not mary-sueic) and strong enough to destory Equestria. With many prototypes being built, and most of them being faliures, inventors are to stay in the Organization building."Intruders" are to be kept in a separate room to be used as "spare parts".

To create these ponies and make them have personalities, they use the Intruders and dead ponies to make these. However, they're made with a mechanical body first, then with exoskeleton, or an artifical organic pony.


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Prototype Unit #342