Scar Tooth
Scar Tooth Updaded
Scar Tooth
Kind Alicorn (Season1), Dragon Pony (Season2)
Sex Female
Eyes Red
Mane Black and Red
Coat Black
Relatives Misty (Sister)
Cutie mark
Owner AngelinBlack424
Richtofen Water
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Scar Tooth is a Black Pegasus Unicorn Pony with silver sharp bands on her hooves and long hair. She is very different from most ponies. She is menacing and always hides in her own home. She has a sister named Misty, although they hate each other deeply. She plans to ruin the other ponies lives, but Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the ponies always stop her. She always tries to trick the other ponies, also. She tricks them into doing things to get them in trouble, or even destroying something she hates.


Scar Tooth often shows hatred towards other ponies, and always hides out in her underground home. Her pet it also seen in the series, a black and red python named Synyster. Scar Tooth spend her time ethier planning for complete disaster to ponies, pretends to be friends with everypony if ever outside of her house. Misty was herd saying "I hope her kind self will ever emerge again" meaning that Scar Tooth may have been kind for quite some time. Her cutie mark is unknown.Not much is known about what it will be, ethier. But it is shown in the introduction that her cutie mark is a bleeding heart with bat wings. This can mean Princess Celestia ethier made her cutie mark disappear or just an animation error mistake.
Old Look

Scar Tooth's Older and more demented look.


Scar Tooth used to be a wicked Unicorn Pegasus Pony that enjoyed destruction of others. Her younger sister, Misty, was teriffied of her, and always hid from her. In the Legend about The destruction Scar Tooth has caused in the past, it was noted that she was very jealus of her sister Misty, being treated very special due to her health. One Day, the wicked finally hit her heart and she started terrifying everyone in ponyville. Misty was scared half to death, Until Princess Celestia shrinked her into a smaller pony, and took half her unicorn powers away. This caused Scar Tooth much anger from Princess Celestia.

Scar Tooth, now hating Misty even more than she can ever, decided to pretend losing her memory, making it look like Celestia has made her lose her memory also, and pretends to be friends with Misty, until she finds a way to destroy her.

It is stated in Sorted Ponypink that she best friends with a gothic pony named Dark Violet that they befriended at Summer Flight Camp, smiliar to Gilda and Rainbow Dash's story.
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