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Scarah Screams
Scarah Screams
I can read your mind! -Scarah
Kind Mindread Ponies
Sex Female
Occupation Helping ponies Find out what there Crushes think of them
Eyes White
Mane Black
Coat Minty Green
Nicknames Scarah(mini name) Scahara Léamh Screams(Full Name)
Relatives Calaca Stick(Mom) SheAir Shine(Dad) Comical Screams(Brother)
Cutie mark
lines and sparks
Owner User:SkelitaCalaveras

'Hey i know what your thinking' -Scarah to random pony

Scarah Screams is a Female Mindreader Pony she can read ponies minds she does like it well sometimes but her life goal is to stop Thinking for a year since she gets annoyed when she sees ponies thoughts.she is from Briarland so she talks with a Briarish accent she has been known to have white eyes but her secret is she has Mint eyes.she is the element of The Banshee.