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Scarred Paw
Kind Unknown (Assumed Pegasus)
Sex Female
Occupation Keeper of The Bravery Staff
Eyes Lime
Mane Brown and Lime
Coat Tan
Nicknames Scar (Everyone)

Experiment 347 (Everfree Forever)

Keeper of The Bravery Staff

Relatives Cryla (Adoptive Sister)
Residence Everfree Forest (Formally)

Ponyville and The Shimmering Falls

Though she may look evil, Scarred Paw is the complete opposite. Scarred is introduced when Moon Dancer finds her in the middle of the Everfree Forest. It was then revealed that she was Experiment 347 of Everfree Forever, and was meant to attack the Elements Within. At first when she and Moon Dancer meet, she tries attacking her but Moon Dancer does not fight back, instead hugs her. The compassion warmed Scar's heart and she now lives with Moon Dancer.

Meeting Princess Luna

When she meets Princess Luna, the Princess realizes she was a test subject from Everfree Forever. At first Luna thinks she is a threat and tries to attack her. But when Luna's beam is accidentaly shot at Moon Dancer, Scar jumps in front of her, saving her life. Luna heals her and feels very bad, but Scar forgives her saying that she would have done the same thing if she was Luna. Due to her bravery, she is rewarded with a staff. She then becomes the Keeper of The Bravery Staff. 


Moon Dancer

Scarred Paw soon grew attached to Moon Dancer and currently lives with her.


Peppermint and Scarred Paw become best friends after she meet.


Since Scar is seen with the Elements Within Ponies after she is found, she is seen to use her staff's magic to fight in battles. The staff is charged by friendship and happiness, but when hatred and anger is around her, the staff becomes useless.

Another way she defends her self besides attack spells, shield spells, and such, she summon her speacial ability sheild like the other elements within. Her sheild is called Lion Sheild, since her powers are related to bravery.