Leave this land! This battle is not yours!

Scorpan to Megan Williams

Tirek turned me into Scorpan and he took over my kingdom

The human Prince


As he appeared in "Rescue at Midnight Castle"

Scorpan's human form
Scorpan's human form

His illustration in "Twilight's Kingdom Part 1"

Kind Monster (Corrupted)
Human (Uncorrupted)
Sex Male
From the 1984 My Little Pony original standalone episode special Rescue from Midnight Castle. The movie's plot itself would of been adapted as a FiM plot for the fan game Ponytale: Midnight Castle.

In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Scorpan instead is the brother of Tirek who accompanied him in his invasion of Equestria but turned against him when he failed to convince his brother to leave the ponies alone after Scorpan met and befriended Star Swirl the Bearded and other unnamed ponies.


He was voiced by Ron Taylor in G1.


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He was planned to be in Ponytale but now removed due to the pseudo-canon nature of the fanfiction and recent episode evident he had little to do with pony-kidnapping.

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